PayMyDoctor – Online Payment

Paymydoctor: If you want to pay your medical bills through online services, then here is the post for you which help in paying the bills online and about the website that provides these services. An online web portal called ‘Paymydoctor’ helps any individual to pay their medical bills online easily without wasting your valuable time by waiting in a queue. It is proved as the best online portal for paying the medical bills. Your chosen hospital or clinic will receive the payments through the website.

Paymydoctor helps in paying hospital bills very simple, especially for old aged people. The service of Paymydoctor is absolutely free. Moreover, it has 180,000 doctors and has 2,700 Clinics and 13,000 expanded associations. It expects time to finish your installment procedure, and acknowledges practically all driving credit cards. The patients or any client can enter the charging and installment data and use Paymydoctor web-based interface.

To use Paymydoctor make sure to make an account to access its services and benefits. The instructions of how to use the account of Paymydoctor is given below.

Requirements for Paymydoctor Login:

Here is the list of things that you need to have before to get into online payment login portal:

  • Laptop or Smartphone with a good internet connection.
  • Your favorite internet browser.
  • Your unique User name and Password of Paymydoctor portal. portal
PayMyDoctor Portal

How to register for

Here are the steps to create an account for Paymydoctor:

  • Firstly, visit the site online paymentlogin portal.
  • In the login page, you will find a button ‘Create an account’ and click on the button.
  • Now proceed with the form by entering the details.
  • These details are like Client ID, Account number and five digits Zip Code. You can find these details on your billing statement.
  • Next set your User name and password of your own choice in the given text boxes.
  • Once again enter your password to confirm it.
  • Give your correct Email ID and re-enter it in the given text boxes.
  • Finally, enter your mobile number and click on ‘Next’ button to finish the form.
  • Read the rules and regulations carefully before activating it. Choose them if you want to activate them.
  • To complete the process, click the ‘create an account button’. Now your account has been generated and ready to use.
  • Likewise in mycvshr it is also easy to use.

Pay my doctor Login Portal Instructions:

Here is the guide of Paymydoctor login. In the event that you need to pay your doctor’s visit expenses online at this portal, at that point you have to follow these directions:

  • Initially, go to the official site of online payment login portal.
  • Once you entered the home page, you can log in to the site by entering the input data.
  • In the first text box, enter the User name.
  • Unique password must be entered in the second text box.
  • Be sure that you should not share your User name and password with anybody.
  • Check the details once more that you have given the details correctly or not in the two text boxes.
  • Now tap the login button to access the Paymydoctor login.
  • After getting login you can start paying your medical bills.
  • At that point, go to the menu and select the payment choice.
  • Pick the type of payment, for example, net banking/debit card/credit card.
  • Enter the details carefully.
  • Check all the details once again and continue with payment by tapping on ‘Pay’.
  • When you have finished with the payment process, you will get the confirmation mail or you will get an SMS to your registered mobile number.

How to recover your account:

If you have forgotten your login credentials i.e., User name and Password don’t get worried. You can recover it easily by following the below instructions:

  1. Forgot User name:

Read the below steps to retrieve the User name:

  • Open the Paymydoctor Login page.
  • Once the page gets loads, there you can see the button ‘Forgot your username and password’ button. Click on that button.
  • Now you will be redirect to the next page asking to enter your mail in the empty text box. There give your registered email ID.
  • After giving your email tap on the ‘Submit’ button to retrieve your User name.
  1. Forgot Password:

Kindly, follow the below procedure to reset your Password:

  • Likewise in the Forget Username process, visit the home page of login portal.
  • Below to the password button, click on the ‘forgot username and password’ link button.
  • Now you will redirect to a page showing two options ‘Forgot Password’ and ‘Forgot User name’.
  • Select ‘Forgot Password’ link button.
  • Here enter your user name and registered mail ID and then click on ‘submit’ button.
  • After submitting the details, you will get mail.
  • Finally, check your mail and follow the directions gave in it so as to reset your password.

Quick Payment in portal:

Quick Payment is an option where you can pay your medical bills without having an account in Paymydoctor Login portal. With the help of this option, payment will be done very easily and quickly. Below are the instructions to follow to use the Quick Payment option in portal:

  • Visit the official website and go to the login page.
  • To the bottom of the page i.e., below the login button, you can also see the ‘PAY NOW’ button and tap on that button.
  • The page gets load and redirect to a page where few input details are to mention.
  • Enter all the required details like Client ID, Account Number and Five-digit Zip Code which is on your billing statement.
  • Next click on the ‘Continue’ button to select the payment option like Internet banking/debit card/credit card.
  • Finally, enter your banking or card details and click on ‘Pay’. Your payment will be done quickly.

Paymydoctor Login portal benefits:

There are various benefits to choose Paymydoctor Login for online bill payment. Please check below, if you want to wish to know those:

  • This portal also gives you a chance to pay a bill related to every one of your visits to the doctor.
  • Pay my doctor login portal is completely secured online platform, without sharing the information to others.
  • You can save your time by paying your bill through online without going to a hospital or clinic.
  • The other benefit is that the user can pay their medical bills instantly, with or without having an account.
  • It accepts all kinds of credit/debit cards and net banking to complete the payment.