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Myloweslife Employee Login: Lowe’s is one of the most well-known and the greatest organizations in the USA offering home-improvement and equipment items. Its headquarters is located in Mooresville, North Carolina. It is the second-largest hardware chain in the USA. Mylowelife has been controlled and regulated by the Lowes. A self-administration human asset framework called “My Lowe’s Life” has been made for 265,000 associates to help deal with the worker’s needs.

Myloweslife Employee Login empowers the Lowe’s associates to get to their records and view all data relating to their work. Lowe’s workers can see their duty, check, plan, movements, advantages, and that’s just the beginning. This data incorporates everything about respects to the Myloweslife, additionally, this can be something of web HR Lowe’s representatives.

Purpose of Myloweslife Employee Login Portal:

Myloweslife Employee Login portal was launched in 2009 to improve the execution of the representatives and staff. It is a convenient tool for all employees (current and former). Here one can check his or her working calendar, about their exchange in shift timings, business-related messages, oversee advantages, checks and other data that is identified with the employee’s activity. Moreover, it provides data about employee advantages and plans that are given. This data also incorporates work benefits, joblessness pay, excursion pay, life insurance, health benefits and medical insurance. As a Lowe’s worker, it is really feasible for you to change the job positions in the association. In addition to these, this portal empowers its employees to choose for better positions in their jobs.

MyLowesLife Employee Login Portal
MyLowesLife Employee Login Portal

Myloweslife Employee Login guide:

You can find this portal through Myloweslife Employee Login. Below are the steps to be followed to get a login to Myloweslife portal:

  • Firstly, you should have the login credentials so as to sign in to the Myloweslife login portal.
  • These login credentials are provided by your HR department. If you do not receive those, you need to ask your HR.
  • You should be a present or previous Lowe’s representative. Then you have to enter the login credentials like User ID and password with a security question.
  • Now you may go to the official portal’s home page, there you can see two text boxes.
  • You have to give the login credentials in the two text boxes and tap the prompt button. The login process is a bit different from current and former Lowe’s employees.

My Lowe’s Life Current Employees Login:

In case if you are a current Lowe’s employee, you should type the User Id in the ‘Sales Number’ textbox and password in the second text box. Now tap the login button. Now you will get two options i.e., Part-time or Full time in which you need to pick one option. Select one which concerns you and you will get home page now. At the top of the home page, it contains a navigation bar and a search bar. Here you can search for the topics that related to work.

My Lowe’s Life Former Employees Login:

Former Employees should tap on the prompted button that is located at the center of the screen on Myloweslife Employee Login portal. It will guide you to a page where you should pick the kind of work you had done at Lowe’s.

Troubleshooting while My Lowe’s Life login:

While logging into the portal sometimes employees may have some issues. If you face any problem while logging in, then follow the below steps:

  • Make sure that you entered correct myloweslife login portal.
  • Clear your browser’s history and cookies.
  • Sign in by using choosing another browser.
  • It is necessary to use the browser that enables the cookies and the updated version of Java Script.
  • Try signing in from another gadget, e.g. a cell phone or laptop.
  • Additionally, check that you have given the correct login credentials or not.

If still, you are facing any issue while signing to your account, you may have forgotten your login credentials i.e., either User Id or password. Below is the procedure to reset your credentials.

If after resetting the User id or Password still, you have any problem, however, you are certain that your User id and password is right; at that point contact the HR team.

Reset MyLowesLife Login Password:

Here is the information on how you can reset your User id and Password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your login credentials easily by clicking Forgot password button which is seen below Sales Number and Password text boxes. After clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ button, a new page will display, where you will be selecting a security question. As you have already given these details to your HR department when you received your login credentials. Here you should give the correct answer to this security question.

Subsequent to addressing the security question, you will have further guidelines on how you can reset your User Id or Password. There is a validation while setting up the password that it contains 7 characters and at least one number. Keeping in this mind you should set the password.

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