Kate Spade Mental Health Pledge

Kate Spade Mental Health Pledge: Kate Spade New York is a luxury fashion design house in New York. The company was founded in 1993 by launching six essential handbags. Kate and Andy Spade were the founders of this company. At present, it is a part of Tapestry, Inc. Now Anna Bakst is the brand president and CEO of Kate Spade New York. At the earlier stages, the company struggled a lot and after 1998 it started to expand with sales totally $27 million.

Kate Spade initially sold only handbags but eventually, it extends to sell stationery, address books, shoes, perfumes, raincoats, personal organizers, beauty products, pajamas, and eyewear clothing. At present, the company also has a full women’s clothing line. The company’s business clothing and handbag lines are featured in retail stores all over America.

kate spade mental health pledge

Kate Spade itself has 180 stores all around the world and it sold the products in more than 400 stores worldwide. In 2006, the apparel giant Liz Claiborne Inc. bought the company so that the operational control of the company was turned over to Liz Claiborne. Thereafter Kate Spade expanded their retail stores. The company has 47 outlet locations across the United States with offers Kate Spade New York handbags, clothing, jeweler and accessories with good discounted prices.

Kate Spade Suicide:

Kate Spade committed suicide in her Manhattan apartment by hanging in 2008. She struggled with depression and anxiety for many years. There was no indication that she would do this. That was complete for everyone. She battled with a lot of personal demons and she also consults doctors to treat her disorders. But those were no use and finally, she committed suicide.

That was really heartbreaking to the whole company. At that movement, the company decided to honor all the beauty she brought into this world. The company decided to help the people who are suffering from this kind of mental pressures and struggles.

The company announced to donate $1 million for mental health awareness causes with respect to the late founder. Kate Spade Foundation started its donations by giving $250,000 to the Crisis Text Line. The company also donated $200,000 to the Jed Foundation. Kate Spade Mental Health Pledge hopes to encourage more conversation, education, and research around mental health.

kate spade
kate spade

$1 Million Kate Spade Mental Health Pledge:

The Kate Spade Mental Health Pledge always believes that every woman is the heroine of her own story. The foundation takes a holistic approach by donating $1million annually to support the economic empowerment, mental well being and access to professional growth for women. The company grants have given support to the organizations like girls who code, international rescue committee, ghetto film school, and pursuit.

This year the company fulfilled its $1 million kate spade mental health pledge by helping mental wellness organizations such as crisis text line, the Didi Hirsch foundation, and the Jed Foundation. The company encourages mental health awareness programs. The company also provides student programs for people.

To respect the late founder every year the company under kate spade mental health pledge providing various welfare grants as well as welfare programs about mental health. It was really appreciable that the company doing a great honor to their late founder.

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