Effects of Smoking on the skin and hair

Smoking is harmful to health. It is a loss of imagination, not only to the body and mind but also to your beauty. It can also be difficult for a person who is addicted to smoking to quit. This Effects of Smoking, in turn, can completely change your appearance and your look.  But sadly, direct and indirect smoking is becoming a common theme in our daily lifestyle which may show an impact in your Health and wellness.

Smoking is an addiction that binds man to ruin a mass. It can lead to serious conditions such as premature aging shades, acne, hair loss, and tooth decay.  It can have serious and long-lasting effects on your beauty. Few Effects of smoking are listed below:

Effects of Smoking cause Acne:

People who are addicted to smoking are more likely to suffer from acne. Smoking increases the sebum excretion of the skin. What’s more, decreases vitamin E levels. Excess sebum may result in clogging your pores. Vitamin E acts as a prevention agent and shields the skin from free extreme harm. Decreasing vitamin E levels can affect our skin care and eventually lead to acne.

effects of smoking
effects of smoking

Premature Shade:

Your skin is the first place to deal with premature growth shades due to smoking. As you look in the mirror regularly, you will notice this aging. And smoking can have extraordinary effects on this process. Regular smoking is a way to have a great effect on your skin care. It is common that people who are addicted to smoking appear to be older than their age. Nicotine in the cigarette can slow down the blood flow to your skin. Gradually the skin aging process begins, and your skin won’t get enough oxygen and nutrients.

Darkening of lips:

Another major problem in the side effects of smoking is that the lips become dark black. Due to constant nicotine exposure, the color of the lips is certain to change. If you smoke regularly, the color of your lips will gradually fade, leading to wear out and cracked lips. In addition to providing a constant heat to your skin, smoking can also cause impaired blood flow.

Dark Circles:

Lack of sleep may usually result in dark circles. But unfortunately not always for the same reason. Our daily habits, radiation effects, sunburn, etc. can lead to the problem of dark circles. Smoking also affects a part of the same routine. The Effects of Smoking can cause blood circulation to the skin does not go smoothly. Gradually the skin lacks the nutrients it needs. Also, bags that form under the eye, and dark circles begin to appear larger. Smoking dehydrates your skin. The abnormal lowering of water levels is also a cause of this dark circles problem.

Effects of Smoking to Hair:

Not only your skin but smoking can have a detrimental effect on your hair. If you are a frequent smoker, hair fall is one of the hair problems you may encounter. The toxic chemicals in tobacco can damage your hair, leading to hair loss. Smoking can also damage blood vessels and impair blood flow. It is also one of the causes of hair loss.

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